Support White Birch Center during COVID-19 Pandemic

Support White Birch Center during COVID-19 Pandemic image


raised towards $50,000 goal





To our Parents, Seniors, and Community,

White Birch, like so many other businesses and organizations in our community, has taken steps to help prevent the spread of coronavirus Covid-19. We have closed our child care, school-age, and senior programs.This decision was not taken lightly as we understand the impact this will have on families, seniors, our employees, and of course, our ability to remain viable.

In order to help us get through this crisis, we are asking our friends and our community for support. We want to thank our long-time Board member and great friend to White Birch, Ryan Towle and the Davis and Towle Insurance Group, for their pledge of $10,000 to help lead the effort to support the sustainability of White Birch. His hope, and ours, is that this gift will inspire members of our business community and our local citizens to make a gift that will help us reach our goal of $50,000.

We understand that all businesses and individuals will be impacted by the health and economic effects of Covid-19. Unfortunately, nonprofits are particularly vulnerable as any revenues that a nonprofit generates are often not enough to cover their expenses. Non profits rely on fundraising as well to remain viable. If all revenues are lost, then the economic impact for many nonprofits is so significant that its future is in jeopardy.

White Birch has been a part of the Henniker Community since 1974, providing child care, school-age, and senior programming. We love this community and are hopeful those who can help will. Our goal is to reopen as soon as possible and continue to enrich life in Henniker.

Thank you for your consideration and support. It means a lot not only to us, but more importantly to our working families and seniors.


Marc McMurphy

Executive Director